Ana Maria Tatucu

I’m a good communicator because I know how to listen. Communication in Social Media is simple and difficult at the same time. I have over 5 years of experience in Social Media and over 10 years in marketing and market analysis. I’m ready to listen to you and start working together.

About me

Social Media Strategist?

I'm rather a good listener and a good translator of your messages to customers and the community.

Marketing Expert?

My resume talks about many marketing projects in which I was "the girl with the numbers". That's why today I put the numbers in words and I make the words bringing you numbers.



It also seems to me that social media has invaded our communication, but let's use it simply and effectively. I know how.


I know it reminds you of the comments in Romanian, so I'll do it for you as I did in high school for my colleagues.


In any forest there are drylands, but together we can discover some beautiful oaks and even hazelnuts. And your business will not remain in the tree.


If you tell me where you feel about the communication problem, I'll give you at least a second idea you didn't think of. And I speak your language without "patterns" and "synergies".



Why work with me?

I know that every specialist in his field has his vocabulary, but I don’t want to bother with it, you pay me to do a job that you have no time and no idea how to do, so I don’t want to become a second stress yours. Your first stress is definitely what brings you to a communication specialist. How good it would be to be your only stress.

I really adapt and the first example is that this presentation certainly did not bore you. And if I don’t know something, I’ll tell you from the beginning.

Direct and to the point. You can contact me using the contact form below or directly at the email address:

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